Conference venue

During the Conference, we will host you in the Clinical and Didactic Center of the Medical University of Lodz. The campus offers a new dimension of medical care, education and clinical research:

  • clinical activity – Central Teaching Hospital – a modern multi-profile hospital, highly rated in rankings
  • didactic activity – we educate students in the most modern educational centers in Poland and unique laboratories, e.g. Medical Simulation Center, a modern Institute of Dentistry, Centre for Medical Education
  • research and innovation – the university creates and develops new models of cooperation with the external environment, we conduct about 600 medical experiments annually, contributing to the emergence of medical innovations, the vast majority of which are used in practice; invaluable support is the excellent base: Clinical Trials Support Unit, Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer, Center for Molecular Diseases of Civilization MOLecoLAB – the first laboratory building in Poland with passive technology, BRaIn Laboratory Complex